Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions to help you find out more about UP. If you have a question that we haven't answered yet, please get in touch via 'contact us' below.

If you are a Busy Bees parent or educator you can download UP from the App or Play store. Simply search for Busy Bees UP. The parent version of UP is teal and the educator version is purple.

If you are a Busy Bees parent, simply enter the email address you have registered with nursery. This will be the same email that your invoices are sent to. If you are not sure which email address you have registered you can check with your Centre Director.

If you are a Busy Bees educator, your Centre Director will provide you with your log in details.

UP is available exclusively for Busy Bees parents. To find your nearest Busy Bees nursery, click on the 'Find your nursery' tab

You set your preferences when you log in for the first time. To change these at any point, simply click on the person icon and select 'Your preferences'

You'll find our wide range of songs recorded exclusively for UP in the 'Media' section.

Yes, simply click on the heart in the top right hand corner of the content you'd like to save. You can then access your favorites at any point by clicking on the heart icon next to the search icon.

You can use the search icon to search for key words such as 'bath time' or 'communication' You then select the word you want to search for an press 'search'. UP will then show you all content relating to your key word.

Busy Bees educators can submit their own ideas via the 'submit an idea' section that you can find by clicking on the person icon. If we use your idea you will be credited on the experience with your name and your centre name.

Currently UP is exclusively for Busy Bees educators. To find vacancies at your local Busy Bees go to the Busy Bees website and click on careers.

UP for Parents

UP provides essential guidance, resources and information on how to deliver effective learning experiences for your children. There is something on UP for everyone; why not download UP and see what amazing experiences you will find for your family?

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UP provides our educators with a wealth of quality learning experiences and essential guidance. UP pushes the boundaries to deliver even better learning outcomes, giving Busy Bees children the very best start in life. There is something on UP for all educators; download UP and see how this can enhance your practice today!


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