We are delighted to introduce you to UP; Unleashing Potential at Busy Bees.

The potential of every child, parent and practitioner who uses our settings. UP is bespoke and interactive; exclusive to educators and parents in Busy Bees nurseries.

UP is an innovative, exciting, flexible early years learning programme, for children aged 0-5 years. It has been designed with the ambition to guide, encourage and direct each individual to develop a lifelong love of learning and develop skills and attributes to ensure a better start in life.

UP is an intuitive digital programme used both in our settings and for you to support your child’s learning at home. UP is revolutionary, the first of its kind and is available exclusively to all Busy Bees parents!

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UP for Parents

UP provides essential guidance, resources and information on how to deliver effective learning experiences for your children. There is something on UP for everyone; why not download UP and see what amazing experiences you will find for your family?

UP for Educators

UP provides our educators with a wealth of quality learning experiences and essential guidance. UP pushes the boundaries to deliver even better learning outcomes, giving Busy Bees children the very best start in life. There is something on UP for all educators; download UP and see how this can enhance your practice today!


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Take a tour of UP to find out how you can unleash your potential.

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