Isla's Story

Isla is 4 and attends Busy Bees Chichester. She loves to ask questions! During an activity looking at a globe, Isla had so many questions about the earth and other planets. Her key person, Jade, wanted to extend this interest so decided to use UP to help her plan some more amazing experiences so she could help Isla find out more about the universe.

Jade said “UP is a great tool to support with planning for children’s interests. Not only does it give you new inspiration, but it helps you to see exactly how these activities support children’s development. Even as an experienced practitioner I found it really helpful”

These experiences inspired Isla and now her favourite thing to talk about is space! Jade has seen her make a huge amount of progress in her understanding of the world, use of language and vocabulary.

Isla’s Mum said... “Isla has been talking a lot more about space at home, I was very impressed about Isla's knowledge and how the nursery has been planning lots of different activities around her interest. I have enjoyed looking at all the photos of Isla taking part in the experiences.”

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