UP at Busy Bees St David's

Once upon a time at Busy Bees St David’s something magical happened...

One day in the Buzz room the children were having fun and making lots of noise when suddenly... Qualified Early Years Educator Andy called out for the children to hush as he could hear someone at the window.

It was a fairy! The fairy was looking for somewhere to live and wanted to know if the children would let him live in the garden. The children all agreed “yes!”

The team at St David's looked on UP to find some activities to support the children’s new interest. Through these amazing experiences they’ve seen improvements in the children’s critical thinking, collaboration and literacy skills.

Andy, who has worked at Busy Bees St David's for the last year, was so inspired by the children's response to the songs available on the app that he decided to combine the children's interest in fairies and his own talent for music to write his own fairy song. The children at St David's loved the song so much, the UP team invited Andy record the song professionally and it is now available for all Busy Bees settings and families to listen to!

Lead Academic and Research Developer Jenny Shaw said: "It was so wonderful to see how UP had inspired Andy to develop his own songs for the children to enjoy based on their interests. We know how much of an impact that music and song has on children's language and vocabulary development so encouraging more singing at nursery and at home is something we're really keen to see. This is just one example of how UP allows best practice within Busy Bees to be shared by educators to support children's development all over the world."

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