A sample of our Autumn activities

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Autumn print playdough

Collect together some natural materials to explore with your dough

Safety first

Be mindful that some items may pose a choking hazard to children under the age of three. Encourage your child to wash their hands after exploring the natural resources.

What to do

While enjoying an autumn walk, encourage your child to collect natural materials they find such as pine cones, conkers and leaves. Talk about the different colours and textures. At home, explore making prints with these in some playdough.
Why not set them challenges such as;
Can you use the conkers to print a straight line in the playdough?
Can you use the pine cones to make a triangle or diamond shape?
Can you print a large leaf and a small leaf?

More information

Exploring playdough with your child will help to develop their fine motor skills and hand muscles. Using natural resources supports their understanding of materials and their properties.

Leaf people

Support your child's creativity in this experience

Safety first

Ensure your child washes their hands after handling natural materials.

What to do

Collect some autumn leaves while out with your child. At home show them how they can use the leaves to stick on card and make their own person! Provide additional resources such as craft matchsticks, stickers and googly eyes to add features to your leaf people. Why not make up a story about your completed creations? (Credit to Joshua at Busy Bees St Neots for his Leaf person)

More information

Creating pictures develops your child's imagination and encourages them to explore the items with an intention in mind.

The biggest leaf

Support your child's understanding of size differences in this outdoor experience

Safety first

Encourage your child to wash their hands once they have finished exploring the natural resources.

What to do

Head outdoors with your child, this could be in the garden, at a park or in a woodland area.
Explain to your child that you are going to have a competition to see who can find the biggest leaf. Why not get all family members involved?
Once everyone has a leaf, share these and find out has the biggest leaf? Support your child in using language to support the sizes, why not introduce some new vocabulary such as enormous, gigantic and colossal?

More information

This experience provides a practical opportunity to explore size differences. Children need plentiful opportunities to explore mathematical concepts to develop their understanding.

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