Bombo Time is a unique online virtual baby group brought to you by Busy Bees
Usually Bombo Time is delivered in our centres and is a great way for you and your baby or toddler to find out about the kinds of activities your little one will be able to enjoy at Busy Bees with our unique learning and development progamme. As we are currently unable to offer Bombo Time at our centres, we invite you to join us on our YouTube channel for a fun and interactive session!

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Below you will find some of the activities we've featured on Bombo Time

Head over to YouTube to watch the whole session!

Mirror play

Tummy time mirrors

Cover a piece of cardboard in foil and use this for tummy time play. Your baby will love looking at what they can see in the foil and it makes an interesting sound when they touch it as well!

Scarf pull

Tie a scarf to a small world animal or other toy and encourage your baby to pull it towards them. This supports their hand eye coordination and understanding of cause and effect.

Bubble play

Why not try using bubbles at bath time or while out and about with your child? They are a great sensory experience and support your baby's early understanding of cause and effect.

Bubble wrap paint

Using bubble wrap for painting provides an interesting sensory texture for your baby to explore. Tape some bubble wrap to your baby's high chair and then add some finger paints. You can also take prints of your baby's creations by pressing some paper on top of their work!

Peepo box

Make your own 'Peepo box' with your baby. Place some items in a box or basket (we used some toy animals!) and cover it with a scarf or tea towel. You can share the following rhyme to the tune of 'incy, wincy spider' using the names of the objects you have in your box, encouraging your baby to find them.
Where is the monkey, oh where can it be?
Where is the monkey can you find it for me?
Where is the monkey, I just can’t see?
Where is the monkey can you find it for me?
This activity supports your baby's developing object permanence, the understanding that something exists even when out of sight.

Posting box

Develop your baby's problem solving skills using a good old cardboard box! Cut a variety of different shape and size holes in the sides of a cardboard box. Provide your baby with some objects such as a wooden spoon, a brick and a ball. Can they find a hole for their object to fit through?


We've made some wooden spoon puppets to use with some of the songs we're sharing on Bombo Time. Using props not only encourages your child's engagement while singing rhymes with you but they can then use them afterwards. This will help to reinforce their learning and help them to recall their experience. Why not make your own puppets using spoons, socks or cardboard tubes?

Sound makers

Using instruments can support your baby’s listening skills, motor development and sensory awareness. You can make your own sound makers using everyday objects you’ll have at home, for example recyclable materials, saucepans and wooden spoons!

Treasure bakets

Treasure baskets support babies developing understanding of objects, their vocabulary and allow children to explore through their senses. You can create a new experience each time by adding a different range of resources, for example you might create a wooden basket, a fabric basket or a bath time basket with bath toys, an empty shampoo bottle and a sponge.

Safety Buzz says… Always supervise your baby carefully with treasure baskets and make sure the items you add are safe and suitable for your baby to explore

Using props

We've used some craft feathers during some our rhymes to support babies in understanding the names of parts of their bodies. Using props while singing can support your baby's attention and engagement. For more top tips on sharing rhymes and songs, click below!

Animal Gloop

Gloop is a wonderful sensory activity to enjoy with your child. Simply mix together some cornflour and water in a tray and allow your child to explore the texture. Why not add some food colouring and some animals to make a gloop farm?

Zip lock gloop

Add cornflour, water and food colouring to a zip lock bag and tape it to your child’s high chair. You could add a picture inside that they have to try and reveal by moving the gloop or place it in the fridge first so they can explore the cold feeling of the flour

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