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Find out about our UP and Active with Buzz programme; available at your Busy Bees' centre and via our UP app.

UP and Active with Buzz is a physical programme designed specifically for Busy Bees to support children with their physical skills and development. At the centres, educators have access to a range of physical experiences they can carry out with the children, along with professional reading to support their understanding of physical development. At home, parents are able to access UP and Active experiences to further support their children's gross motor development and fitness. Below you will find a small selection of these experiences!

Garden Olypmics

This experience has been inspired by Paralympian Kenny Churchill from Busy Bees Bridgend.

Explain to your child we are going to take part in our own Olympic games and that the Olympic games happen every four years, where athletes from all over the world come together to take part in different sports representing their country.
Invite your child to help you make a start and finish line in your garden; with a couple of pieces of clothing, a tea towel or a piece of garden equipment. Following this, explain that we are going to take part in different races.
Set up the races as follows:
Running, skipping or hopping race - How quickly can your child move from the start to the finish line?
Shot put - How far can your child throw a ball
Javelin - Using a rolled up piece of cardboard, how far can they throw the javelin?
Hurdles - Set out some small boxes along the race track; can you child jump over them all?
You could carry out the Olympic games with friends or siblings or with just your child taking part!

Ball line

Further challenge your child's ball rolling skills in this experience.

Either indoors or outdoors within a clear space, show your child how you can roll a ball on the ground. Invite your child to have a turn.
Following this, create a line on the floor such as by placing a plank of wood on the grass or laying a thick line of ribbon on the floor. Show your child how you can try and roll the ball along the line. Encourage your child to then have a go and continue taking turns at this.
After a few tries at this, you could then stand at the other end of the line and you and your child could roll the ball back and forth to each other across the line.

Crawling course

Develop your child's locomotor skills as they complete a crawling course.

Collect together some of your child's toys or items of interest, space these out on the floor to create a crawling course for your child.
Encourage your child to crawl to the first item, provide them with sufficient time to explore this.
Draw your child's attention to the next object and encourage them to crawl to this. Continue this throughout the rest of the trail.

Did you know? Children who can walk on their own should be physically active for at least 180 minutes (3 hours) throughout the day. This should be both indoors and outdoors, ensuring children receive a balance of light activities as well as energetic activities.

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