Use UP to discover a range of simple experiences to engage your child and support their learning and development when you are shopping. Below you will find an experience suitable for a child aged 0-2.

Using my senses

Support your baby's sensory development as they explore a range of items at the shops.

Safety First

Ensure your baby is supervised when at the shops. If using a trolley, ensure your baby is strapped in.

What to do

Encourage your baby to use their senses to explore different foods whilst out shopping, for example by allowing them to hold an item such as fresh broccoli. Role model descriptive words to your baby as you use your senses to explore the item, such as when you rub your hand on the broccoli you could say "soft" and "bumpy." Then as you look at the broccoli you could say "green" and "fluffy."

Encourage your baby to copy your actions such as feeling, looking and smelling the item, whilst hearing you use language to describe the item. Repeat this experience using other fresh food they can explore with their senses.

Why not try this experience at different shops such as a pet store or a clothes shop, where your child can use their senses to explore different items.

Too easy?

Encourage your baby to repeat or copy a word such as the name of the item.

Too hard?

Start by role modelling descriptive language for your baby to hear as you show them the items.

More Information

Although your baby may not be able to verbally communicate with you, they are using their five senses to effectively learn about the world, and absorbing the language you use to communicate with them.

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