Use UP to make the most of everyday learning opportunities by exploring a selection of simple experiences you can carry out during bath time. Below you will find an experience suitable for a child aged 2-3.

Bath time tea party

Support your child's pouring skills and independence with this bath time tea party.

Safety First

Always ensure that children are well supervised in the bath.

What to do

Prior to bath time, collect together either your child's tea set or some plastic cups and a plastic or metal tea pot or jug.

When it is bath time, add these resources to the water for your child to explore with. Invite your child to use the tea pot to pour out tea for their bath toys and for you.

Talk to your child about parties, what else might they have at their tea party? You could pretend to eat sandwiches, fruit and cakes!

Too easy?

Set challenges for your child to complete such as, "Can you pour me half a cup of tea?"

Too hard?

Support your child using the tea pot and jug initially before letting them try on their own.

More Information

Learning how to pour in the bath allows your child to practice this skill in a safe way with no mess! Pouring is a very important skill that supports with spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and becoming independent.

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