Below you will find a range of quick and easy activities to do with some fabric

Untie the knot

Gather some pieces of fabric together tie a knot in each one. Set your child a challenge to untie the knots! Add to the challenge by tying some of their small world animals up in the knots; can they free each animal? This helps your child's fine motor and problem solving skills.

Spoon puppets

Encourage your child to use scraps of fabric and felt tip pens to make their own spoon puppet! Will they make a self portrait spoon? A superhero? A princess? Putting on a puppet show will develop your child's imagination and creativity.

Fabric basket

Gather together a variety of different fabrics such as a flannel, a sponge and a scarf and place them in a basket for your child to explore. This experience is ideal for introducing new vocabulary to your child and this kind of open ended play is great for encouraging their imagination and engagement.

Sheet parachute

Create your own parachute for games using an old bed sheet. Have your child hold one end and you hold the other. Place a ball on top; can you use the sheet to bounce the ball up and down? This will support your child's physical development and their object control.

Den building

Use a sheet, blanket or some tarpaulin to create your own den. This could be draped over some chairs, a table or some cardboard boxes. Add some books and soft toys and your child will love playing in this den all day! Making and using dens supports your child's spacial awareness and problem solving skills.

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