Below you will find a range of quick and easy activities to do with a cardboard box

Posting fun

Create a posting game for your child by cutting different shaped holes into a a strip of cardboard. Place this over an empty basket or box and challenge them to find items to post in the different sized holes. This supports your child's understanding of cause and effect, their fine motor skills and their awareness of shape and size.

Tugging box

Cut small holes in a cardboard box and thread materials such as pipe cleaners, bubble wrap or fabric through the holes so they are poking out. Encourage your child to pull out each of the pieces of fabric. This activity supports their pincer grip and hand strength.

Texture boxes

Gather together some small cardboard boxes. Place a different material in each one, for example some dried pasta, some newspaper or a pencil. Wrap each box with a different material, for example some bubble wrap, some wrapping paper and some foil. These will be ideal for your child to explore, supporting their understanding of cause and effect and their sensory development.

Cardboard city

Encourage your child to create a city for their small world characters to explore. Encourage them to think about what buildings they will create, for example what would a library, cathedral or museum look like? This supports your child's creativity, problem solving and imagination.

Body movements

Create you own dice by adding pictures to small boxes. For example you could have two dice; one with pictures of different body parts and one with pictures of different actions and encourage your child to roll both to see what movements they can make. You could have a dice with different animals on and encourage your child to act out being different animals. What about a dice with different actions, for example star jumps, bunny hops and hand claps? This supports your child following intructions.

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