Below you will find a range of quick and easy activities to do with a clothes peg

Clothes peg characters

Create your own characters from clothes pegs. Cut a triangle of card to create a superhero peg, some feathers for wings for a fairy peg or some googly eyes and pipe cleaners for an alien peg! This supports your child's creativity and imagination as they design with a purpose in mind and their pincer grip as they play with their peg character!

Peg painting

Add a piece of cloth or sponge, a feather or a leaf and you have got yourself a paintbrush! Create a different experience each time by using a different material. You could encourage your child to compare the differences between the patterns they can make with each paintbrush. Peg painting is a great way to support your child;s pincer grip and creativity.

Peg names

Write a different letter of your child's name on each peg and then create them a name card on a lolly stick or piece of card. Can they match the letters? This is ideal for supporting your child's pincer grip and their letter and name recognition.

Sock match

Set up a washing line for your child and encourage them to 'wash' some socks in a tub of water and then match them and pair them on the line. This activity is great for sensory exploration, matching skills and fine motor development.

Stegosaurus numbers

Create spines for your stegosaurus by matching the numbered pegs to the numbers on the card. This activity is ideal for any dinosaur enthusiast and supports their number recognition as well as their understanding of number relating to quantity.

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