Below you will find a range of quick and easy activities to do with a cardboard tube

Tube thread

Thread cardboard tubes onto fabric such as a tie or scarf. This supports your child's hand grasp, concentration and using both hands together to complete an activity.

Tube races

Use cardboard tubes and a sheet of cardboard to create a race track for cars or a run for balls! Creating this track will help your child's problem solving skills and using it supports their understanding of cause and effect.

Animal Habitat

Make pens for your farmyard or zoo animals using cardboard tubes. This will help your child's understanding of space as well as their sorting and matching skills.


Grab some craft materials and set your child a challenge to create their own puppet! You could make a pirate puppet, a superhero puppet, a family of puppets... the possibilities are endless! Making puppets helps your child to design with a purpose in mind and supports their fine motor skills. Putting on a puppet show encourages their confidence and their imagination!


Stick on some images or draw some pictures onto your cardboard tubes and create your own bowling alley. These could be changed according to your child's interests, for example dinosaurs, fairy tale characters or superheroes. You could even add letters or numbers. Knocking over the skittles supports your child's object control and understanding of space and distance.

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