Below you will find a range of quick and easy activities to do with an egg box

Egg box match

Colour in each compartment of the egg box with a different colour. Invite your child to find and place matching coloured items in each hole. This supports your child's fine motor skills, colour recognition and matching and sorting skills

Egg box character

Make a fun character from an egg box by providing your child with a range of craft materials such as googly eyes, coloured card, pens and paint. This promotes their creativity and imagination.

Seed boxes

Fill each egg compartment with soil and plant some seeds in each one. Once the seeds start to grow the compartments can be cut up and planted directly into the ground! This promotes your child's understanding of cause and effect and their understanding of growth.

Garden collection

Challenge your child to find something different for each compartment of their egg box in your garden or while out on a walk. For example.... something round, something colourful, something soft, something spiky, something patterned and something that smells nice. The supports your child's vocabulary, listening and attention skills and fine motor skills

Insect tongs

Add some eyes and a tongue to your egg box. Invite your child to 'feed' the animal by using tongs to place small world insects in the animal's mouth! This supports your child's use of tools, following instructions and their hand strength.

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