Top tips for bonfire night

Tuesday 5th November is bonfire night, during this annual event you and your child may visit a bonfire and firework display or carry these out at home.

Below you will find a selection of top tips to help keep everyone safe during bonfire night so that the event can be enjoyed by all.

1. Stay back

Make sure you and your child stay back from when the bonfire is being lit or the fireworks are being set off. If you are attending or organised event stay within the advised perimeter.

2. Supervise your child at all times

Bonfire night can be lots of fun but it is vital to supervise your child at all times as events are carried out in the dark evenings. Consider extra support your child may need such as ear defenders to help with the sound.

3. Wrap up warm

Taking place in the Autumn bonfire night is often a cold evening. Make sure you and your child wrap up warm with coats, hats, scarves and gloves before heading out.

4. Sparklers are for children aged five and over.

Sparklers are lots of fun, but heat to temperatures of up to 1000 degrees celsius and are extremely dangerous. Due to this it is advised that sparklers are not to be used by children under the age of five.

5. Don't touch firework debris

If firework debris lands next to you and your child move away from this and inform the event organiser or the person responsible for the fire. Do not touch the debris as this could be hot.

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