Helping to keep you and your child safe with technology

You and your family are now more exposed to forms of technology and use of the internet than we have seen in previous years. The ongoing advances in technology can often provide support for your child’s learning and development, however it is beneficial to understand risks when using online technology so that you can protect and educate your child.

Take a look at the experience below that is available on UP to support online safety.

Bear watches YouTube

Develop your child's awareness of safety online as they help keep Bear safe whilst they use YouTube.

What you will need:

• Soft toy such as a bear

Safety first

Add restrictions to your child's YouTube account and ensure you supervise use at all times.

How to carry out this experience

Explain to your child that Bear would like to watch a video and that his friends have told him about a website on the internet called YouTube. Encourage you child to share their thoughts and experiences.

Explain that Bear hasn't used YouTube before and encourage your child to think of top tips to help keep Bear safe.

Add to these where required to support your child's understanding.

How does this help my child's development?

This experience will support your child in understanding the capabilities of the internet.

Asking open ended questions will develop your child's ability to form sentences to share their thoughts and ideas.

Sharing top tips will help your child understand how to stay safe online.

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