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Risk assessment is often considered only to be a document required to meet the law but it is actually a process we learn from a very young age in order to protect ourselves from harm. We subconsciously undertake risk assessments throughout our whole day as we go about our daily routines. The risk assessment process can be as varied as selecting the right clothes to wear to protect us from the weather to choosing where to place our feet on stairs.

As a parent, demonstrating good role modelling and talking about the hazards we are exposed to in everyday life, supports your child in learning about their environment and the risks they need to manage as they grow. It is not about removing all hazards entirely, this is impossible, it is about teaching them about how the hazards affect them and making the right choices to control their impact.

Whilst you encourage your child to explore, test their boundaries and use their imaginations they are learning about risk and how to implement effective control measures to keep themselves and others around them safe. Safety with Buzz will provide you with guidance, experiences ideas and top tips to help you do this.

Each month a selection of new experiences will be released that will help you to educate your child and prepare them with the safety skills and awareness they need for later life.

Emily Brimson-Keight
Head of Safety

Let's be safe, you and me...

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